Amul’s Doodle on Cyrus Mistry’s Death

Amul’s Doodle on Cyrus Mistry’s Death

Cyrus Mistry’s death in a road accident in Maharashtra on Sunday has prompted a doodle dedicated to him by Amul, the brand responsible for many iconic doodles. The monochrome doodle, which features two animated Cyruses, depicts the tragic accident that claimed the actor’s life. The actor sustained multiple injuries to his vital organs, a chest injury, and severe head trauma.

Over speeding

A Mercedes SUV crashed in Palghar, Maharashtra, killing former Tata Sons chairman Cyrus Mistry. The vehicle had a history of speeding and jumping signals. The car’s owner was arrested and a preliminary police investigation found that he was guilty of numerous traffic offences, including speeding and jumping red lights. Police did not release the identity of the driver.

Cyrus Mistry, a former Tata Motors chairman, was traveling to Mumbai from Ahmedabad when his car crashed into a divider. Both the driver and the passenger suffered severe injuries. The driver of the other vehicle, Jahangir Binshah Pandole, was also killed in the accident. The cause of the crash is unclear, but preliminary investigations suggest that the driver was speeding and made a mistake of judgment.

The car was traveling at a high speed, covering approximately 20 km in nine minutes. According to police sources, the driver was overspeeding and lost control, leading to the collision. The accident happened on the Mumbai Ahmedabad National Highway, and police have begun examining CCTV footage from the area.

Mistry’s death has led to calls for stricter vehicle speed monitoring in India. According to a report by the National Commission on Road Safety (NCRB), over 85,000 people in India died in accidents that were caused by vehicles speeding. As a result, police are directing a thorough investigation into the accident.

A police investigation has revealed that the Mercedes SUV allegedly hit a divider on the bridge over the Surya river. The accident occurred at 3 pm on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway. The two men died of their injuries, including internal bleeding. Although the primary autopsy report only noted vague symptoms, a detailed analysis will reveal the cause of death.

The deaths of Cyrus Mistry and Jehangir Pandole are tragic. Though neither of them was wearing seatbelts, the evidence suggests that neither was wearing one. Consequently, both men were thrown around on impact. The impact also caused them to crash into the floor console and front seat headrests.

Not wearing seat belts

The death of former Tata Sons chairman Cyrus Mistry has raised a lot of questions about road safety. Experts have stressed the need to monitor speeding vehicles and make seat belts compulsory for rear seat passengers. But it is also important to know the dangers of not wearing seat belts while travelling in a car. Cyrus Mistry and his co-passenger did not wear seat belts while driving a Mercedes SUV. The driver lost control of the car while attempting to overtake from the left side and crashed into the railing of a bridge over the Surya river in Charoti.

Despite the dire situation, the crash could have been prevented if the two drivers had worn their seat belts. The police have analyzed CCTV footage and are attempting to identify the driver. The car had covered 20 kilometers in 9 minutes when it collided with a road divider on a bridge over the Surya River. The crash killed Cyrus Mistry and Jahangir Pandole and seriously injured his wife Anahita Pandole.

Cyrus Mistry was not wearing seat belts when he was involved in the accident. He was traveling in a luxury Mercedes with two friends. One of them, Dr Anahita Pandole, a well-known gynecologist in Mumbai, was driving the car and Jehangir was in the back seat. Cyrus Mistry was not wearing his seat belt and was thrown out of the vehicle.

While airbags are an important part of the Supplementary Restraint System in a car, seat belts are the primary safety system in a vehicle. Seat belt usage is especially important for rear seat passengers. The policeman did not fine Mistry because he was not wearing his seat belt.

According to SaveLIFE Foundation, a forensic crash investigation of Cyrus Mistry’s crash revealed three major factors that led to the tragic accident. Not wearing seat belts is a common cause of fatal car accidents. Without a seat belt, victims of such accidents are often thrown out of the car.


Cyrus Mistry was traveling to Mumbai from Gujarat when the car accident took place. The driver was allegedly speeding and had crashed into a divider on the road. The car’s front side was mangled by the collision. Airbags were deployed but could not save the lives of Mistry and his passenger. The accident is being investigated at a high level.

The car carrying the singer was driven by Dr Anahita Pandole, a well-known gynecologist from Mumbai. She was driving the Mercedes when it was involved in the crash. Jehangir Pandole was riding in the back seat. The crash was caused by speeding and Cyrus Mistry was not wearing a seat belt.

The crash was the result of speeding, which caused the car to overtake another vehicle. Mistry, 54, and his co-passenger, Jahangir Pandole, had been travelling from Ahmedabad to Mumbai. The drivers were travelling on the opposite side of the highway, and the car was speeding. The driver was trying to overtake another car when it struck the divider on the bridge over the Surya River. The crash resulted in both victims sustaining head injuries and polytrauma.

It is not unusual for accidents on the highway to be caused by speeding. In fact, more than half of fatal crashes are caused by speeding. Although the speed limit on this bridge was 40 kmph, few people obey it. In addition, many Indian highways are unsafe, poorly maintained, and have ridiculously low speed limits.

Speeding is the most common cause of accidents in India. Cyrus Mistry was speeding, and he and the other co-passenger were not wearing their seat belts. They were sitting in the back seats of the vehicle. Though all cars sold in India are equipped with seatbelts, rear passengers rarely use them. In the event of an accident, many victims are seated in the rear of the car.

Jehangir Pandole’s brother

Cyrus Mistry’s car ran into a divider while travelling from Ahmedabad to Mumbai. Jahangir Pandole, who was riding in the back, was killed instantly. Cyrus Pandole’s brother, Darius, was also in the car. His brother and sister-in-law, Anahita Pandole, were riding in the front.

Jehangir Pandole, a former KPMG Global Strategy Group director, has been ruled out as the cause of the crash. His sister-in-law, a well-known gynecologist, was driving the car, which collided with a divider on the Surya River. Cyrus Mistry was killed in the collision.

Pandole’s career as an entrepreneur began after he completed an MBA at London Business School. He subsequently worked in the finance industry as a director of a consulting firm, where he was tasked with driving revenues and developing growth propositions. In his younger years, Pandole played squash professionally and represented India in the Asian Junior Squash Championships. Darius Pandole and Cyrus Mistry had been friends since their childhood. In fact, Darius Pandole’s brother owned a 100-year-old soft drink company, Duke and Sons Ltd, which was acquired by PepsiCo in 1995.

Jehangir Pandole’s death in a car crash near Palghar, Maharashtra, was not the first in a family tragedy. The former Tata Sons chairman was also accompanied by Anahita Pandole and her husband, Darius Pandole, an MD and CEO of JM Financial Private Equity. The brother’s death prompted the Palghar district police to obtain CCTV footage of the car before the crash.

The Pandole brothers are closely linked with Cyrus. The former Tata Sons Chairman, who had been a friend of Pandole for years, was driving a car owned by Pandole’s brother, Darius. The Pandole brothers have been friends since childhood, and they attended school together in Mumbai.

Jehangir Pandole’s death was tragic, but the mishap was not the fault of either party. The driver was not aware of his brother’s death, and the driver didn’t know it. It is not yet known what caused the car to ram into a divider, but it was a tragic accident.

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